2019 Year in Review

GCSCORED 2019 Year in Review

In 2019 GCSCORED increased access to mental health treatment and resources through the Cultivating SEEDS System® Framework.

The RUMERTIME® Process, a social-emotional problem-solving strategy was the vehicle used to increase access to mental health by educating, equipping and empowering individuals, families, schools, organizations and communities to renew their minds, transform their lives and create safer communities.


GCSCORED was invited by Legal Aid & Counselling Clinic an NGO in Grenada. It was a UNICEF -sponsored program to train 20 individuals for one week specifically in the Cultivating SEEDS System Framework/ RUMERTIME Process.
UNICEF endorsed and supported a major revision of the Alternatives manual to include the Cultivating SEEDS System Framework/RUMERTIME Process.


Program administrators said: “this is the first time in many years that there has been a 90-100% participation in every session for the 15 sessions. The RUMERTIME Process is the difference, the revised Alternatives Manual uses storytelling, art, creative writing, interactive activities, discussion and reflection as mediums for self-expression and exploration.”

“My son before this program showed limited emotions, however, after the program ended my son and I have a better relationship because he is now sharing his thoughts and feelings with me.”

One of the participants stated “I know about my mindsets.”


RUMERTIME Family Summer Camp (RFSC 2019)


“My husband and my children’s father died nine months ago, we didn’t receive any counseling, everything was falling to pieces around us. My kids were always “A” students, socially-emotionally balanced, until their dad died suddenly. Teachers were concerned and wanted to put my son on medication because of him failing classes, appearing depressed, etc. By the end of week one of the RFSC the emotional darkness had lifted, people were smiling again in my house, we felt hope coming back into our lives and homes. When school started back in the fall after the RFSC, teachers and counselors were “in shock” wanting to know what happened during the summer, no more did they want my son to be on medication. My children’s grades, attitudes and behaviors was positive and improved.”

“I showed empathy today when I gave someone else a turn and I was kind to him.” “Empathy is showing kindness”

The first of its kind in the Michiana area, the RUMERTIME Family Summer Camp (RFSC) was a two-week social-emotional wellness program where families were educated, equipped and empowered to improve their inter and intra-personal relationships at home, school, and community. The 8-13-year olds who attended and participated in the RFSC daily activities were also supported by their parents/guardians who attended and participated in twice weekly Parent Education and Empowerment Coaching (PEEC) sessions. During and after the camp children and parents/guardians were equipped with the necessary MARKERS™ to successfully navigate and facilitate their own growth, the child’s growth, and growth in the relationship.




“Attending this two-day workshop has helped me to better recognize and understand the effects of trauma on my clients and how to support them as they try to manage their TIME (Thoughts, Interactions, Mindsets, and Emotions.”

Individuals working in juvenile justice systems experience vicarious trauma daily in addition to their personal trauma. GCSCORED together with Center for Community Justice in a joint venture facilitated the Social-Emotional Wellness Immersion Experience for the Elkhart Juvenile Justice department. In addition to juvenile justice personnel attending, there were attendees from area schools and educational organizations. Attendees were educated in the Cultivating SEEDS System framework- one attendee remarked, “I learned that my level of effectiveness increases with my level of reflectiveness. We can’t support others beyond what we ourselves are able to tap into first. The work must start with us first.” They were equipped with resources, another participant said, “the RUMERTIME Process has given me additional resources/tools to use with my clients.” Participants were empowered to apply what they learned to their personal lives. For example, “I realize that my thoughts impact my interactions with myself, others, and my spouse; this realization will help me become a better spouse and parent.”


RUMERTIME@ Conferences/Workshops

DecorativeA common outcry from transdisciplinary practitioners and scholars at conferences is, “we need more practitioners, resources, and strategies to augment our knowledge, skills and services so that we can truly increase access to mental health care for all.” More than 70% of people globally are not receiving mental health treatment, this has created a global mental health crisis that requires all hands-on deck.

RUMERTIME @Colleges/Universities

Young adults are entering college/university without the social-emotional skills necessary to successfully navigate college and life. GCSCORED educates, equips and empowers young adults with the necessary tools and skill-building techniques to increase their competency in the CSS framework/RUMERTIME Process for themselves and others. Faculty members have determined that, “the RUMERTIME Process™ is a very effective research-based strategy for human services students/practitioners to use as they move forward in their work with self, others; i.e., families and clients and the community.”

“I can see how the RUMERTIME process can help me find the root to some of my behaviors. It helps me recognize and understand why sometimes I act or react, the way I do. Knowing the meaning behind our actions can make us conscious about how we treat other people and I believe it will be an important tool when working with families.”



We all want to live our very best lives. We all want to know why we are here and what are the divine assignments we are meant to accomplish while here. These topics, conversations, answers and actions surrounding “Renewing, Transforming and Creating” determine how we live and if we live our best lives or not. These conversations take place one-on-one, small groups, families, couples, and online.

DecorativeIMPACT STATEMENT: “The agriculture metaphor in the CSS framework helps me to understand myself in relation to the experiences in my life and in my relationships with others. I especially like the “Tree” exercise because it helped me to identify the root causes of my struggles. Even better, I’m learning how to uproot those ugly thoughts and mindsets so I can live a healthier life.”


It is imperative that we intentionally educate, equip and empower students to become socially-emotionally balanced. Simultaneously, we must invest in those who are entrusted to develop these student’s hearts, minds and bodies. GCSCORED continues to provide individual, small group, large group, and grade level coaching to educators, administrators, families, and community stakeholders in becoming fully engaged in Renewing, Transforming and Creating.


“Understanding how the trauma from childhood is affecting me in my adulthood.”

“I am so grateful that you are coaching us to integrate social-emotional competencies into our academic lesson plans. This is going to be a huge help to us. I don’t feel so overwhelmed after all.”

“Too often, the norm is to teach social emotional skills as a stand-alone course, I am really excited that GCSCORED is taking it to another level and integrating the RUMERTIME Process into and across the curriculum. (District Administrator)


Join GCSCORED in 2020 as we

● Launch GCSCORED Learning@Every Piece Matters (Online Learning Academy) Jan-Mar
● RUMERTIME Shoutouts Jan -Dec.
● Access RUMERTIME Adult Conversations February
● Titan Student Success Center-Belonging Speaker Series at IUSB March
● Elkhart County Juvenile Justice Children’s Summit March
● Journal of Global Engagement & Transformation (JGET) April
● RUMERTIME Family Summer Camp June 14-26th
● Journal of Global Engagement & Transformation (JGET) October
● “Helping the Helper to Help” Series December

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