Bring a Family Together

We appreciate your kindness and generosity.

By sponsoring a family you are investing in your community.  As families acquire the social emotional skills needed to function healthily, they become better children, parents, students, workers, employees, and citizens.

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    One Family ($3159)
    Two Families ($3159 x 2 = $6,318)
    Three Families ($3159 x 3 = $9,477)
    Four Families ($3159 x 4 = $12,636)


    Because we believe you matter, your voice matters, your experiences matter and your stories matter in this Access RUMERTIME Conversation about Renewing your Mind and Transforming your Life.
    We all want to live our very best lives. We all want to know why we are here and what are the divine assignments we are meant to accomplish while here. These topics, conversations, answers and actions surrounding “Renewing and Transforming” determine how we live and if we live our best lives or not.