Journal of Global Engagement and Transformation

Name of Organization: The Global Center for School Counseling Outcomes Research, Evaluation, & Development (GCSCORED, Inc.)

Journal of Global Engagement and Transformation (JGET): The official transdisciplinary, blind peer reviewed, electronic publication of GCSCORED, Inc.

The JGET is a fully Open Access peer-reviewed journal in line with the SHERPA/RoMEO green policy rating.

Website: www.everypiecematters.com/jget

Submission Email: jget_editor@gcscored.org

Publication dates: JGET will be published twice per year: Spring/Summer, and Fall/Winter.

The Mission of GCSCORED, Inc.

To Renew Minds, Transform Lives and Create Safer Communities

The Purpose of JGET

The purpose of this journal is threefold: 1) to discuss, describe, share, and report on the work that practitioners across diverse disciplines are involved in on a daily basis which transforms lives and creates safer communities; 2) to be a platform for scholars whose works are translatable to real world, relevant, practical solutions that transforms lives and create safer communities; 3) to promote the social and emotional development of children, youth, and adults.

The Aim of JGET

JGET aims to move beyond disciplinary boundaries towards wider transdisciplinary dialogue on factors influencing the social and emotional determinants of an individual’s life course, which are increasingly hybrid, diasporic, border-crossing, intercultural, multilingual, and global.

JGET editorial team is dedicated to publishing innovative, practice-based, applicable, systems approach interventions, conceptual manuscripts, professional commentary, and translatable scholarship relevant to the social, emotional, behavioral, academic, and career development of children, youth, and adults.

JGET Nuggets: Features brief informative tidbits, views, and opinions on hot topics, current events/issues, counseling policies, educational policies, public health policies, interesting readings, and other areas that impact social-emotional education and the social determinants of an individual’s life course. The information, views, and opinions tweeted in this department reflect those of the author.

Papers submitted to for entry in the JGET Nuggets section of the JGET are limited to 350 words and are generally solicited by the editor. Persons interested in submitting an entry to the JGET Nuggets section should make inquiries. Include in the subject line, “ JGET Nuggets.”

Online Resources highlight Internet websites that provide information on instructional resources for diverse disciplines, as well as resources that may be of interest to practitioners across diverse settings. Resources featured in this section are generated by the editors.

The “What’s Going on” Zone features events, such as conferences, meetings, workshops, forums, professional development opportunities, and webinars sponsored by various agencies and organizations that embrace social-emotional development of individuals. Events featured in this section are generated by the editors.

JGET is Making a Difference