A Big Thank You

Thank you for supporting the 2021 Virtual RUMERTIME Family Summer Camp. As families acquire the social emotional skills needed to function healthily, they become better children, parents, students, workers, employees, and citizens.

What happens after the RFSC™?
At the conclusion of the RFSC®, parent/caregiver-child relationships will show signs of growth and development, children’s knowledge of social emotional skills will increase, and parent/caregivers will leave with a better understanding of their child’s challenges and ways to effectively RUMERIZE® themselves and their child(ren) that will help them renew their minds, transform their lives and create social and emotional safe spaces at home.  Additionally, parent/caregivers will receive a summary of their child’s progress at the RFSC®, and specific RUMERTIME® recommendations may be provided. We look forward to staying in touch with you and your family beyond the summer.

Get Involved
Interested in transforming lives and creating safer communities? Become an advocate, contact our team at the Global Center for Systemic Change Outcome Research Evaluation & Development (GCSCORED) in South Bend, Indiana

Global Center for Systemic Change Outcome Research Evaluation & Development (GCSCORED)

Telephone: 1-800-576-2395 / 1-833-427-5697
E-mail: rfsc@gcscored.org


Because we believe you matter, your voice matters, your experiences matter and your stories matter in this Access RUMERTIME Conversation about Renewing your Mind and Transforming your Life.
We all want to live our very best lives. We all want to know why we are here and what are the divine assignments we are meant to accomplish while here. These topics, conversations, answers and actions surrounding “Renewing and Transforming” determine how we live and if we live our best lives or not.