What is The RUMERTIME™ Process?

RUMERTIME™ is a five-step psychosocial, problem-solving process
that supports individuals in their journey from a position of intra- and interpersonal imbalance to a position of intra- and interpersonal balance.

The Goals of the RUMERTIME™ Process

  • To provide individuals with a simple, culturally responsive, five-step psychosocial problem-solving strategy for addressing challenges they experience within themselves, with others, and across a variety of situations and settings;
  • To help individuals utilize the problem-solving strategy in their daily interactions.  The impact is felt proximally and distally as children, youth, and adults in their homes, schools, workplaces and communities become socially emotionally competent.


Individuals RUMERize when a triggering event occurs in their life and activates negative thinking, acting and feeling patterns.  They interrupt this pattern of negativity as they: Recognize, Understand, Manage, Express and Reflect on their Thoughts, Interactions, Mindsets and Emotions while they relate to the triggering event.

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