What is the RUMERTIME Process®?

RUMERTIME® is a five-step culturally responsive, social-emotional problem-solving strategy that supports individuals in their journey from a place of intrapersonal and interpersonal imbalance to a place of intrapersonal and interpersonal balance; and from unconscious living to conscious living.

Goals of the RUMERTIME Process®

  • To make it easy for individuals everywhere to access this simple, culturally responsive, five-step social-emotional, problem-solving strategy that effectively addresses the life challenges they experience within themselves, with others, and across a variety of situations and settings.
  • To educate, equip, and empower individuals to effectively utilize this problem-solving strategy-The RUMERTIME Process, in their daily interactions. The impact of which will be felt proximally and distally as children, youth, and adults in their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities become socially emotionally competent.


Individuals are consciously or unconsciously rumerizing all day whether it's a helpful or harmful event they are experiencing.  When a harmful event occurs in their life, it can activate non-productive or harmful thinking, acting and feeling patterns.  As a person rumerizes, they are working to interrupt harmful patterns of thinking, acting, believing, and feeling as they Recognize, Understand, Manage, Express and Reflect on their Thoughts, Interactions, Mindsets and Emotions while they relate to the triggering event.

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