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GCSCORED, Inc. exists to teach all individuals ways to effectively Relate to self, others and situations so they can live transformed lives in safer communities

Your Why Statement

To help you become a Conscious Problem-Solver and an Empowered Life Coach

Our Purpose Statement

To build relational capacity in individuals, families, schools, communities and organizations.

Our Mission Statement

To Renew Your Mind, Transform your Life and Create Safer Communities

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The Issues

“As Air is to life so are social emotional skills to relationships, they are like the air we breathe.” Dr. Yvonne Murray-Larrier, 2017

Every moment of every day we are engaging in relationships with ourselves and with others. Just as we need air to breathe so we can live, similarly, we need social-emotional skills so we can establish and maintain relationships.

The World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, Mental Health of America, Mental Health Innovation Networks, along with many other organizations have sounded the alarm on the global mental health crisis that impacts all of us.

GCSCORED has heard the alarm and its response is to increase access, educate, equip and empower individuals locally and globally

What is CSS®?

CSS® stands for the Cultivating SEEDS System Framework. In turn, SEEDS is an acronym for Social Emotional Education in Diverse Settings.

CSS® is an organizing framework that gives context, order and meaning to information obtained about a client’s background. The framework uses social emotional competencies and the social determinants of a person’s life course to explain human behavior. It also identifies the culturally responsive approach-the RUMERTIME Process® to influence and transform lives and communities.


What people say about us and our responsibility

  • "As a scholar engaged in the practice of metaphor analysis to better comprehend the ways our language creates a window into our overarching conceptualizations of the world, I am particularly fascinated by Dr. Larrier’s strategic use of agricultural metaphor to represent the underlying assumptions and expectations for development, growth, and progress through the Cultivating SEEDS System™. The extended analogy underscores the fact that pathways to healing, recovery and overall socio-emotional competency are ubiquitous and applicable to all people in all contexts; and the mission of GCSCORED, to provide expanded opportunities for care for individuals in all parts of the world, is supported by the timely, well-grounded, and clear processes presented in the Cultivating SEEDS System® Training Manual."

    Hope Smith Davis, Ed.D. Dean, School of Education, Indiana University South Bend
  • "Cultivating SEEDS System® Framework is a creative masterpiece!  We are amid a global mental health crisis and this ingenuity gives us the knowledge, tools, resources, and skills to grow strong, vibrant, safe communities.  Cultivating SEEDS System®Framework uses practical, real-life examples; as well as easy to understand and apply solutions to root problems plaguing our communities and cultures.  This is a framework that is adaptable to all cultures with its metaphorical emphasis on agriculture; utilizing all the components of cultivating healthy, sustained fruits and systems.  By far, one of the most usable and relevant models addressing root issues within communities to transform lives and create safer communities!"

    Lindsay London, MS Ed., LMHC Licensed Clinical Mental Health Clinician
  • "Recently I had an encounter which I had allowed to consume me for at least three days.  Encountering the RUMERTIME Process I was able to sit with the situation and step by step RUMERIZE! This process has been healing, relieving, eye-opening!  I can truly say that I have come in feeling emotionally heavy and I am leaving feeling light!  I am going to be INTENTIONAL about this process.  THANK YOU!!!"

Become an Advocate

Get involved and make a difference

From the GCSCORED, Inc. headquarters in South Bend, Indiana, we partner with organizations, businesses, and institutions that serve children, youth, tweens, teens, adults, and senior citizens from diverse settings and societies locally and globally.

We provide immersion experiences, coaching services, online courses, program development and evaluation to educate, equip, and empower advocates to transform their lives and create safer communities.

Our center collaborates with local and global institutions, (educational, human & social services, public health, law enforcement, etc.) agencies, and communities.

Our delivery systems are customized.

As a GCSCORED Advocate and Partner you will help us:

  • Remove systemic barriers to education and mental health services
  • Eliminate access, treatment and opportunity gaps
  • Be a voice to the voiceless
  • Bring visibility to invisible and marginalized individuals locally and  globally

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Mahatma Ghandi

Interested in becoming an Advocate?

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