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GCSCORED, Inc. is a non-profit/501c3 organization, where we educate and equip you with the social-emotional skills necessary to become a conscious problem solver and your own life coach. Ultimately, you become empowered to be the best version of yourself.

Purpose Statement

To build relational capacity in individuals, families, schools, communities and organizations.


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What We're About

Think Global

We collaborate with partners locally and globally from diverse settings. In 2015 we hosted the first of its kind international conference titled, “Thinking globally, counseling locally: Reaching our children, youth and communities in an era of globalization.” This three-day conference held in Trinidad and Tobago collaborated with various ministries of education, social development, law enforcement, health and human services, and universities from across 14 countries.

To Renew Your Mind, Transform your Life and Create Safer Communities.

Individuals across the lifespan living their best lives in resilient settings and societies where all individuals, institutions and communities are fully engaged and where “Every Piece Matters.”

GOAL #1:  To increase access to the de-stigmatized and de-mystified problem-solving strategy RUMERTIME® Process  so that individuals in diverse settings locally and globally can become conscious problem solvers and empowered life coaches as they acquire healthy social-emotional MARKERS™.

GOAL #2: To educate and empower individuals to effectively utilize social- emotional competencies as they renew their minds, transform their lives and create safer communities.

How We Serve


We provide Trainings, Workshops, Immersion Experiences, Camps, Webinars, Conferences, Coaching Sessions


We provide coaching for Individuals, Families, Small groups, Educators & other school personnel, Health & Human Services organizations, Law enforcement, Justice system, Religious communities, For profit Corporations, Non-profit organizations


Our consulting services extends to School personnel, Health & Human Services, Law enforcement, Justice system, Religious communities, For profit Corporations, Non-profit organizations, Health & Human Services organizations

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