The Listening Oasis Wellness Space/Line™ offers a wide variety of opportunities for volunteers to get involved in our life-saving work. Below are opportunities for ongoing engagement with The Listening Oasis Wellness Space/Line™. Please note that Wellness Champions™ must be at least 18 years old to apply.

The acronym LINEAR helps to explain the Wellness Champion™ roles that are available.

L= Listeners:

Fully trained Social-Emotional First Aid Wellness Champions are the core of the Listening Oasis Wellness Line™. These Wellness Champions are fully taught how to interact with the clients according to the RUMERTIME® Process.

I= Investors:  

There is no cost to clients for using the Listening Oasis Wellness Space and Line. However, if you would like to contribute to or invest in this life-saving program, we could have a greater impact and reach more people. Please see our website to make your contribution.


Listening with empathy is an important part of the listening process. In this time of fear, anxiety and loneliness, a key role of the Listening Oasis is to help people to bear their burdens. Sometimes people are just looking for someone to talk to and to acknowledge their feelings.


The RUMERTIME program is built on a solid evidence-based foundation. We are looking for experts within behavioral health fields who can donate their time and expertise in the Listening Oasis Wellness Space virtual offices. If you can do this, please leave your contact information on our website and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


If the mission, vision, purpose and goals of GCSCORED resonates with you, please become an advocate for us. Spread the word of what we are doing and help connect us to others. Your engagement with the program will help us increase our reach and bring the Listening Oasis Wellness Space/Line to more people who need its services.


Do you have something that will contribute to the GCSCORED goals beyond what we have asked for here?

Goal One

To increase access to the de-stigmatized and de-mystified problem-solving strategy.

– the RUMERTIME® Process –so that individuals in diverse settings locally and globally can become conscious problem solvers and empowered life coaches.

Goal Two

To educate and empower individuals to effectively utilize social-emotional competencies as they renew their minds, transform their lives and create safer communities.

Selecting Wellness Champions

All GCSCORED volunteers are assessed for their MARKERS™ – Mindsets, Activities, Relationships, Knowledge, Emotions, Resources and Skills/Strategies.

Here are a few of the qualities of a successful Listening Oasis volunteer:

      • Self-awareness

      • Effective listener

      • Culturally aware and responsive

      • Relationship management skills

      • Able to deal with ambiguity and frequent grey areas

      • Non-judgmental and accepting

In addition to an online interview with GCSCORED, we will ask for names or letters of reference and a criminal background check.

Wellness Champions Responsibilities


Listening Oasis Wellness Champions™ will receive extensive training and support from GCSCORED personnel . They will also acquire invaluable social-emotional skills for their professional and personal lives, such as problem solving skills and relationship management skills.

Clinical Supervision

Listening Oasis Wellness Champions™ will be required to participate in  weekly group supervision sessions. These sessions will be facilitated by a designated GCSCORED licensed professional behavioral health person. 

Institute for Social Emotional Education™ (ISEE).

Listening Oasis Wellness Champions™ will be able to attend online workshops sponsored by GCSCORED to increase their access to extended learning opportunities. 

Journal of Global Engagement and Transformation™(JGET) 

Listening Oasis Wellness Champions™ will have free access to the bi-yearly GCSCORED  peer-reviewed journal that highlights social-emotional stories and research from people across the globe engaging in work similar to what they are doing.

Wellness Champion Perks

Listening Oasis Wellness Champions™ will be intentional about learning the  CSS® Framework and the RUMERTIME® Process so that they can communicate the essence of it as they interact with the callers. 

Listening Oasis Wellness Champion™s will practice listening  “the RUMERTIME® Way” to help callers make sense of their lives in an organized and structured way.

Listening Oasis Wellness Champions™ will abide by the GCSCORED Code of Ethics as discussed in the Policies section of the Social Emotional First Aid™ manual.

Listening Oasis Wellness Champions™ will be confident as to when to report domestic violence, suicide and other major crises to the police and when to refer to other resources through the 411 hotline.

Listening Oasis Wellness Champions™ are expected to always be empathic, non-judgmental and trustworthy while engaging with callers.

Listening Oasis Wellness Champions™ Training Program

We train all The Listening Oasis Wellness Champions™ to answer calls on our Social-Emotional First Aid™ phone line from people who are feeling the social-emotional effects of COVID-19 and need a safe, empathic, compassionate and non-judgmental person to listen to them.

The Listening Oasis Wellness Champions™ undergo an initial 4-hour online training, with additional follow-up training sessions, clinical supervision and monitored shifts. Throughout this training, volunteers will learn about GCSCORED, the CSS Framework® and the RUMERTIME Process® to educate, equip and empower them to help individuals become conscious problem solvers.

Listening Oasis Wellness Champions ® training program runs twice a month on Mondays.  Check the Institute for Social Emotional Education™ and the GCSCORED Events Page for more details and upcoming training sessions.

At the completion of the training, volunteers will be able to:

      • Provide empathic and active listening

      • Offer diverse and non-judgemental responses

      • Develop and maintain a connection or rapport with the client.

      • Explore options for problem-solving with the client.

      • Communicate a clear and consistent message.

      • Deliver the CSS® Framework and the RUMERTIME® Process effectively to clients.

      • Be self-aware and able to manage their own stress through using RUMERTIME® Process.

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