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Welcome to the Institute for Social Emotional Education(ISEE)

We Educate! Equip! And Empower you and your stakeholders to become conscious problem-solvers and your own life coaches.

We Educate! Equip! And Empower YOU with the healthy social-emotional skills to build relationship capacity at home, school, Work, and in the community.

ISEE is for Everyone

Who We Serve

ISEE @ School

School, an organization or entity that fosters teaching, learning and relating.

ISEE @ Home

Home, a social unit of individuals living together in some type of relationship.

ISEE @ Work

Any entity where duties are fulfilled in exchange for some form of compensation.
300 +
Students Enrolled
1000 +
Wellness Champions

Featured Courses

CHECKED OUT? How to Check Back Into Your Relationship

CHECKED OUT? How to Check Back Into Your Relationship

Identify & list your Thoughts, Interactions, Mindsets, and Emotions (TIME) about your relationship while you are in the "Relationship Check Out Lane."
DEI Training

DEI Training

Tired of paying for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training that is NOT giving you the results you hoped for? If you are truly tired of...
LISTEN UP! The Power of Empathic Listening

LISTEN UP! The Power of Empathic Listening

Our 10th year commemorative course are $10 for every hour. This course is a 2 hr course. Enroll today.
Become a Wellness Champion

Become a Wellness Champion

You will acquire a culturally responsive socio-eco-systemic Mindset. You will have access to Activities that are culturally grounded and responsive to diverse individuals and settings.
Intervention Coaches & Specialists Training

Intervention Coaches & Specialists Training

Effectively work with children, tweens, teens, and their families wherever they are living, loving, learning, earning, playing, and praying.


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