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We know sometimes your plans may change and we appreciate your time. When you support GCSCORED, your generous gift will help make a difference by helping individuals locally, nationally, and globally who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, systemic oppression,and other life challenges occuring even before the pandemic. Your support will help individuals like YOU, like your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, children, students, your boss, co-workers, fellow worshipper, spouse, partner, coach, everyone you know, in every area of life and living. Let’s make a difference and make this FREE and CONFIDENTIAL social-emotional wellness support service available to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, ANYTIME.

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LOWS is FREE and Confidential

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The LOWS project is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to children, youth families, adults, senior citizens in the USA, andworldwide. 

The world is in a state of upheaval, all systems, including self, family, education, healthcare, justice, financial, workplace, economic and religious systems are buckling under historic and contemporary pressures. Each of us is experiencing these system challenges and failures in a variety of ways.  

GCSCORED has created this LOWS platform to educate, equip and empower not only those who need social-emotional wellness support, but also those who have resources of time, expertise, finances, connections, etc, to contribute to LOWS.

GCSCORED has a very real and tangible way you can help.

You can make a difference by helping individuals negatively impacted by systemic oppression, healthcare workers, truck drivers, residents and families of residents in assisted living facilities, students, friends, family members, colleagues, persons of faith, and neighbors to receive FREE and confidential social-emotional wellness support.

You can help those in need of social-emotional wellness support no matter the source of the stress, challenge, or circumstance, no matter the story. Every Piece Matters!

GCSCORED is making all its services FREE to everyone. This will help us equip and empower individuals locally and globally to successfully recover their social-emotional balance during and after COVID-19. 

Help us help others. Every act of generosity counts and any amount is greatly appreciated!

All Donors receive a tax deductible certificate – Thank you for your tax deductible gift. GCSCORED is a tax exempt 501c3 organization. Your Gift will support individuals who receive behavioral health services which they otherwise would not be able to access and afford and therefore would have to suffer in silence, isolation and unsupported. 

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