Any entity where duties, tasks, functions are fulfilled in exchange for some form of reward/compensation.


What is the RUMERTIME® Process?

RUMERTIME® is a five-step social-emotional, problem-solving strategy that supports individuals in their journey from a place of intrapersonal and interpersonal imbalance to a place of intrapersonal and interpersonal balance; and from unconscious living to conscious living.

Who We Equip

  • Individuals in Health & Human Services
  • Businesses
  • Religious Organizations
  • Legal systems
  • Non-Profit organizations, etc.

What We Equip Them to Do

  • Enhance their performance
  • Increase the collaboration
  • Increase the creativity, innovation and productivity
  • Have better work ethic

Culturally Responsive Mental Health Education in the Workplace

In a workplace setting, culturally responsive mental health education benefits all stakeholders, including employees, managers, supervisors, human resources professionals, and organizational leaders. By creating an inclusive, empathetic, and supportive work environment, it promotes mental well-being for everyone and contributes to organizational success. Culturally responsive mental health education matters in the workplace because:

  • Supports diversity: It fosters understanding and respect for diverse perspectives, experiences, and needs related to mental health among employees.
  • Enhances productivity: It contributes to employees’ well-being, leading to increased engagement, job satisfaction, and productivity.
  • Reduces absenteeism: It can help prevent and address mental health issues, reducing absenteeism and associated costs.
  • Facilitates communication: It promotes open, honest, and culturally sensitive communication about mental health within the organization.
  • Improves retention: It contributes to a supportive and inclusive work environment, increasing employee loyalty and retention.
  • Compliance: It helps organizations meet legal and ethical obligations related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.



  • “The Cultivating SEEDS System™(CSS™) is an excellent framework. The CSS™ is helpful and effective when working on all ecosystemic levels. Mental illness remains stigmatized locally and globally and using this approach will create a safe climate for helping professionals to learn and to deliver culturally sensitive services to all. I plan to continue mastering the Cultivating SEEDS System™ as a practicing social worker and educator.” – Clinical Social WorkerGrenada, West Indies
  • “I learned that my level of effectiveness increases with my level of reflectiveness. We can’t support others beyond what we ourselves are able to tap into first. The work must start with us first.” They were equipped with resources, another participant said, “the RUMERTIME Process has given me additional resources/tools to use with my clients.” Participants were empowered to apply what they learned to their personal lives. For example, “I realize that my thoughts impact my interactions with myself, others, and my spouse; this realization will help me become a better spouse and parent.” – Non-Profit Organization Administrator

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