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Dr. Yvonne Murray-Larrier
Founding President
Ph.D, Psychology, Capella University
MS, Community Counseling, Andrews University
BA, Social Work, Andrews University

Dr. Yvonne Murray-Larrier, founding president of GCSCORED believes individual, institutional and community wholeness is attainable when all stakeholders are fully engaged. She believes that her God given purpose, and by extension the purpose of GCSCORED in this world is to educate, equip and empower individuals to cultivate relationship capacity building skills. She defines relationship capacity cultivation as the process of developing and strengthening the MARKERS™ that individuals in homes, schools, workplaces, communities, organizations, and institutions need to survive, thrive, adapt, and grow in a fast-changing world.
She has over 35 years in the field of social work, community mental health, education and research and has brought her diverse experiences and expertise to this organization. She is the Creator of the Cultivating SEEDS System Framework® (CSS®)and the RUMERTIME Process®. She has designed several workbooks, curriculum, training programs that uses the CSS Framework as its foundation. Her CSS® workbooks, curriculum, learning/teaching materials and training and coaching programs are culturally responsive, scalable, research-informed and practice-based. Dr. Larrier’s CSS® Framework and RUMERTIME® Process have been utilized locally and globally.

GCSCORED serves individuals from all racial and ethnic groups locally and globally. Our programs and services have been specially researched, and designed to be inclusive of individuals from within communities of Blacks, Indigenous peoples, People of Color (BIPOC) locally and globally. These BIPOC communities have historically been marginalized, underserved and under-resourced as it relates to the impact of mental health support, treatment and practitioner cultural relatability and accessibility. On the other hand, BIPOC communities have historically been overrepresented when it comes to qualifying for low income services, substandard education, special education services, disparities in health care, incarceration rates, police brutality incidents, drugs and alcohol related challenges and other traumatic experiences. (Reimagining Behavioral Health: A New Vision for Whole-Family, Whole-Community Behavioral Health. Retrieved from: on 8/9/2020.)
GCSCORED’s response to BIPOC’s under-resourced and over-represented challenges has greatly influenced the development of our re-conceptualized, de-stigmatized, and de-mystified mental health framework that is culturally responsive and relatable. To this end we approach mental health from a social emotional wellness perspective in part due to the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health terminology and treatment. The Cultivating SEEDS System (CSS®) Framework® and the RUMERTIME Process® are GCSCORED’s mechanisms through which we deliver social-emotional competencies to children, youth, adults, and families across diverse settings, locally and globally .
GCSCORED’s mission, principles of practice, goals, social emotional wellness theory of change and prevention intervention strategy is fully aligned with the World Health Organization’s definition of mental health and their goals to provide culturally responsive mental health support to all people groups locally and globally.

Foundational to this innovative, re-conceptualized framework are the five social-emotional competencies, along with multiple culturally responsive counseling theories. This CSS framework is scalable, comprehensive, easily taught, and learned, which makes it readily accessible for everyday use by people across the life span in diverse settings locally and globally. Our mission is to renew minds, transform lives and create safer communities. This mission statement drives all our interactions with people, projects, programs and goals. Our number one goal is to ensure that children, youth, adults, families and those that work with them have access to this social-emotional skills-based prevention intervention strategy. As we engage in educating, equipping and empowering individuals with the CSS Framework/RUMERTIME Process® we emphasize that acquiring these social emotional skills(the RUMERTIME Process®) is like breathing. Just as the air we breathe keeps us alive, similarly, the effective use of healthy social-emotional skills keep relationships alive.

Rumerizingly Yours,
Dr. Yvonne Larrier
Founding President GCSCORED

Just as the air we breathe keeps us alive, similarly, the effective use of healthy social-emotional skills keep relationships alive.

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