A 27-year-old female Sikh discovers LOWS

A 27-year-old female Sikh discovers LOWS

A 27-year-old female Sikh of Indian Canadian origin who was having a hard time being in Canada away from her family found out about LOWS and started her wellness sessions with me. She comes from a culture which doesn’t talk about mental health because it is a stigma and shameful especially for women and specifically for women with kids because this will impact the kids in a negative way.

She told the story of child neglect, abuse by neighbors, not having her mother in her life. She had never told this story of vulnerability to anyone, not even to herself because she has always been hesitant and scared of reliving those painful times. She was able to recognize, understand and manage her emotional situation with much ease. She cried while talking about her estranged mother and said that processing her relationship with her mom has been the best thing she has done in her life. We used the Tree Activity to explore her past and present. She learned to stay in the moment.

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