It’s My Story and I Will Tell it Boldly

It’s My Story and I Will Tell it Boldly

As we begin the holiday season, and we visit with family and friends, especially after COVID, everyone is going to have a story to tell about you. Here are a few tips to become the Owner, Creative Writer, and Executive Producer of your story.

“I am so stressed out!”  “This is stressing me out!”  “You are a major source of stress for me right now!” “This stress is making me sick, literally.” “The things that are stressing me out, I don’t know how to remove them from my life, some of those things are not things, but people!”

Be the Teller of your Story!

Everyone has a story, whether good, bad or ugly, it’s your story, tell it boldly without apology.

Beware of Unauthorized Story Snatchers!

Let us help you reclaim the essence of who you are by reclaiming your story from Unauthorized Story Snatchers.

No one has the right to label you and your story!

Let us equip you with the tools to examine the “who’s” in your story; the “where’s” in your story; the “what’s” in your story; the “why’s” in your story; the “when”s in your story; and the “how’s” in your story.

Become the Hero or the Heroine in your story!

It doesn’t matter how good, bad, or ugly your story, we will help you recognize/identify times when you were a Hero or Heroine in your story.

Life is made up of stories, and our stories make up our lives!

Everyday and every hour we are creating stories. We will equip you with the tools that will empower you to create stories that you will enjoy being engaged in.

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