Make Mental Health a Global Priority

Make Mental Health a Global Priority

The CSS Framework is an innovative, reconceptualized approach that offers hope for task-shifting and sharing (T-S/S), community-driven mental health support, delivery, and practice.

Like other T-S/S approaches (e.g., the Friendship Bench Approach) used to narrow the treatment gap and increase access to help, the CSS Framework educates, equips, and empowers individuals across the educational attainment spectrum to perform similar work. The CSS Framework Journal of Education & Social Policy Vol. 9, No. 2, June 2022 doi:10.30845/jesp.v9n2p10 99 organizes and gives context, order, and meaning to an individual‟s background; it isa multi-theoretical Framework that uses social-emotional competencies and the social determinants of a person‟s life course to explain human behavior (Larrier, Allen,& Larrier 2017).

The CSS Framework also includes the culturally responsive prevention and intervention strategy, the RUMERTIME Process (RP), a five-step culturally responsive, social-emotional problemsolving strategy that supports individuals as they move from intra- and interpersonal imbalance to balance and from unconscious to conscious living (Larrier, Allen, & Larrier, 2017). The CSS Framework illustrates human growth, development, and change using elements of nature and agriculture, as these elements are universal, unbiased, and ubiquitous. The universality of agriculture, and its innate de-stigmatized quality is befitting to simplify and de-mystify mental health constructs, relationship challenges, and the growth of humans amidst their social interactions while embedded in their diverse ecosystems. The CSS Framework provides structured, inclusive, and adaptable programming for individuals across the human lifespan and within diverse (Larrier, 2020). Read Full Article

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